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Video: FARS Presentation at 2016 NFFF Technology Summit

A presentation of FARS by Trevino and Gagliano

Chief Mario Trevino and Captain Mike Gagliano gave a detailed presentation on firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS) at the 2016 National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF) Technology Summit on July 25 in Oakland, CA.

Chief Trevino was the Fire Chief in San Francisco when that city began its vetting process prior to adopting a code requiring FARS in new mid- and high-rise construction.  Captain Gagliano is an active member of the Seattle Fire Department and is the co-author of the book Air Management for the Fire Service.

Phoenix Fire Chief Alan Brunacini (ret.) joined Chief Trevino and Captain Gagliano at the end of the presentation.  Chief Brunacini was an early advocate for FARS following the loss of firefighter Bret Tarver in the Southwest Supermarket fire of 2001. More than 60 buildings in the Phoenix metro area are now equipped with FARS.

You can watch the presentation here: