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Fire Attack Water Supply and the High-Rise

A FIRExTalk on water supply during the high-rise fire


A discussion on high-rise firefighting with Portland captain Chris Barney.

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Chris Barney is a Captain with Portland Fire & Rescue assigned to Engine-31 in the Rockwood neighborhood and a Division/Group Supervisor with the Oregon State Fire Marshal Type-2 IMT/Green Team. He started his career in the fire service as a volunteer with Boulder Rural (CO) Fire & Rescue. After graduating college, Chris worked several contract wildfire & structural firefighting positions both inside and outside the U.S before being hired as a career firefighter with South Metro (CO) Fire & Rescue. After getting hired with Portland Fire & Rescue in 2003, Chris was assigned as a firefighter to Engine-24, has served as a Lieutenant in the Training Division and at Engine-9, helped coordinate the recent Disaster Management policy update, is an instructor in the Career Development Program, and sits on the High-Rise Task Force.

Chris holds a Bachelors Degree from University of Colorado at Boulder, an Associates Degree in Fire Science from Portland Community College, and is pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Fire Service Administration from Eastern Oregon University. Chris has previously taught at FDIC and internationally for Global Mission Readiness.