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Manhattan High-Rise Fire

Fire on the seventh floor at Box 1284



FDNY Response Videos – Address: 868 Amsterdam Ave. between W. 102 & W. 103 St.

Fire on the 7th floor of a 16 story 100×125 high rise MD

B-11: Transmit a 10-77 – Fire on the 7th floor. – 16:36
B-11: Water on the fire, primaries in progress. – 16:42
D-3: All Hands. 1 L/S/O, primaries are delayed due to a medium clutter condition. – 16:51
D-3: MBFKD, searches in the hallways are negative, searches in the fire apartment are still in progress. – 16:58
D-3: Searches in the fire apartment are negative with the exception of the fire room. – 17:05
D-3: Searches in the fire room are complete & negative. PWH – 17:13
D-3: All secondaries are negative. Under Control. – 17:19