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FDNY Compactor Fire, People Trapped

High-rise fire at 1808 1st Avenue



FDNY Response Videos – Location: 1808 1st Avenue btw 92 & 94 st

At around 10:00pm, The Manhattan dispatch office gave a phone alarm for reports of fire on the 24th floor. Ladder 13, the First Due Truck Company was told by the dispatcher, “this sounds like work.” (This means that the fire seems legitimate due to the quantity or quality of calls that the office is receiving). After receiving multiple more calls and reports of people trapped on the roof and 24th floor, the dispatcher loaded up the box.

Loading up the box assigns a 10-75 assignment to a fire based on the info that dispatchers are receiving. When the dispatcher loads up the box, an additional engine (most likely 44) would be assigned, along with a FAST Truck(16), Rescue Company, Squad Company, another battalion and a Division.

In this case, The chief of battalion 10 decided that they would be able to control the fire with the normal 1st Alarm assignment of 3 Engines and 2 Trucks(3&2). Engine 22 Stretched a line from the upper floors and flooded the compactor chute from above with the help of L-13 while Engine 53 and Ladder 43 attacked it from the basement.

Everyone who was reported trapped was accounted for, and there was only one reported person injured who RMA’d.

E-22,53,91 L-13,43 B-10
Box loaded up: E-44 L-26FAST B-12 R1 SQ41 DC3