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FDIC 2018: The Impact of Smoke in Large Structure Fires

An FDIC 2018 training event



Mario Trevino
Fire Chief (Ret)
Seattle Fire Department, Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, San Francisco Fire Department, Bellevue Fire Department, Nevada US&R Program

Thursday, April 26, 2018 3:30 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.


Large structure fires occur every year across the United States and around the world. In response to past disasters and life loss, the fire service has made many improvements in technology, strategy, tactics, and firefighter safety. However, despite these changes, dozens of firefighters still find themselves in low-air or no-air emergencies and unable to safely exit the immediately dangerous to life or health environment. Firefighters still die every year in incidents like this. Many past incidents can be used to illustrate the circumstances leading up to these deadly situations. The recent high-rise fire in London (June, 2017) is only the most visible example. Some of these incidents are presented and analyzed from the perspective of what attendees need to know to avoid these hazards. Also, safety and building protection technologies that help ensure responder safety are discussed.

A classroom setting with a primary speaker with over 42-years of fire experience providing a historic and fire chief-level perspective, and a current company officer, Capt. Mike Gagliano from the Seattle Fire Department, a busy, metropolitan area. He will add his perspective on further examples with which he has knowledge, and focus on improvements in Air Management practices and policies. The process will include a PowerPoint presentation with photographs and videos of large structure fires that have resulted in Line-of-Duty Deaths and Near Miss scenarios.

Learning Objectives
• Improvement to Firefigher Safety.
• Evaluation and analysis of previous incidents.
• An objective and updated look at Air Management.
• A look at current technologies.

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