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Manhattan, Fire in Ductwork of High-Rise

10-76 and a third-alarm for Box 909



Fire Location: 888 7th Ave (Redeye Grill)
Fire in the Kitchen 1st floor of a 46 story commercial 80 X 200 Class 1 CIDS: 1. Street 2. Similar 3. Unknown 4. Similar
B-9 lets go with the 10-75. Heavy smoke condition L-2 Fast (E8 training)
E-40,54,16 Act.8,39
R-1 Sq-18

B-9 lets go with a 10-76 on this Box @10:25 10-76
E-14(Lobby) E-23(C.F.R.D) E-7(Comm) E-33 w/ H.R 1
L-16,25 B-7,10,6 Act. 8(Safety)
RB,SB FC,FCB(N/A Not Staffed) Tac-1 CTU Mask

B-9 All Hands @10:27 B-9 The address is 888 7th Ave Fire in the duct work of the restaurant extending to the ceiling. Heavy smoke from the roof @10:28 D-3 10-84
@ 10:32 B-9 Water on the fire. MBFKD
@10:33 D-3 Heavy fire in the duct work. Want to go with a 2nd Alarm
@10:41 2nd Alarm E-44,65,26,34 E-9 w/ Sat. 1 L-21,8 B-11,2 B-4(RUL) B-39(Air Recon) R-4 D-1 Car-4C (Chief of Ops Administration. DAC Hodgens) D-3 Command channel established

@10:42 D-3 AVFKD 4 L/S/O DWH
@10:57 D-3 transmit a 3rd Alarm Heavy smoke condition above
@11:00 *Staging East 59th & 7th Ave* 3rd Alarm E-74,21,22,5 E-1(C.F.R.D)s/c L-24,7,22s/c,163s/c L-12(Fast)s/c B-45(Staging) B-1 Act. 9(FF) Car-1C (Fire Commissioner Liaison) Car-12A (Executive Officer to the Chief of Safety Command DC Jardin) Car-22E (Deputy Fleet Director Rick Vella) Car-9 (Queens Borough Commander AC Edward Baggot) FC per D-3 special call 2 additional trucks for relief

@11:23 FC per D-3 All Searches Negative. PWH
@11:27 FC per Car 4C assuming command. 3 10-45s Code 4
@ 11:31 FC per Car 4C s/c 1 Engine & 1 Truck to relieve the C.F.R.D Engine & Fast Truck
@11:43 FC per Car 4C 10-2 E1 & L12 @11:47 FC per Car 4C Fire Under Control
@11:49 Duration 1 Hour & 31 Minutes Watchline E-46,259 L-86,138 B-18

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