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FDNY: High-Rise Roof Fire

Roof tank fire in Manhattan



FDNY Response Videos – Manhattan 10-76, All Hands Box 741. High-rise roof fire at East 41st Street and Park Avenue.

Fire Location: 52 East 41 St Roof tank fire 16 story 60X100 Class 1 Hotel

Exposures: 1. Street 2. 4 Story Commercial 3. Unknown 4. 4 Story Commercial

E-21,65,16,1(WRU) E-3 w/ HR 1 E-39(Lobby) E-26(C.F.R.D) E-7(Comm)
L-7,24,3(Fast) L-21,16,4
R-1 Sq-18
D-3 Rac-1 RB,SB FC,FCB Tac-1 Mask Car-11(Chief of SOC DAC John Esposito)

D-3 check with B-8 think he said 10-77 not 10-76
MD to D-3 They said 10-76
B-8 All Hands in the process of stretching a line B-8 transmit the 10-70. E-1(WRU)
D-3 have E3 hook up with E1 MD to D-3
B-8 said they have a positive water source
D-3 1 L/S/O PWH

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