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Manhattan High-Rise Fire

10-77 for Box 1022



FDNY Response Videos – Manhattan 10-77 Box 1022, Fire engulfs fifth floor laundry room.

Fire Location: 33 East 70th St AKA 8 Madison Ave

Reported as a fire in the washing machine Apt 5 E

Fire 3rd floor laundry room 12 Story 150 X 200 Class 2 MD

Exposures 1. Street 2. Street 3. Street 4. Court Yard

B-10 1 L/S not in opp. Fire K/D with Can
E-39,44,22,8 E-74(Nozzle) E-40(C.F.R.D) E-3 w/ H.R 1
L-16,13,2(Fast) L-25,35
R-1 Sq-18
D-3 Rac-1 RB,SB FC,FCB Tac-1

D-3 1 L/S/O. Attack stairs is front stairs

B-11 involved in MVA 5th Ave & East 75th St No Injuries. B-12 replaced them.

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