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Occupants Trapped in Harlem High-Rise Fire

10-77 for Box 1362 on Lexington Avenue


(FDNY Response Videos/YouTube)


FDNY Response Videos – Location: 1830 Lexington Ave btw 112 & 115 st (NYCHA Johnson Houses) Fire on the 4th Floor [20:41]

MD to L-26: You available? Respond to Phone alarm box 1362, the address is 1830 Lexington Avenue between East 112 & 115 St, fire in 4C. — We just got a second source as well twenty-six.

[20:42] MD to B-12: Getting a couple of calls for fire in 4C

[20:43] B-12: 10-77 the Box 1362 k, we’ll get back to you with a confirmed apartment and attack stairwell.

[20:44] CIDS High-Rise Fireproof MD 14 Story 75×100 Class 1 8 apts per floor – Floors 1-10 10 apts per floor – Floors 11-14 Scissor Stairwells Standpipe in stairs Siamese on Exposure 1-2 Lexington Avenue

[20:48] B-12: At this time we have fire in apt 4C. 1 L/S/O. “A” stairwell is the attack stairwell k (Duration 9 Minutes)

D-3 gave the All-Hands

Rundown: E-91,58,35,53,37 E-59 HRN E-69 CFRD L-26,14,43F L-30,40, L-23 VSU B-12,10,11 B-16 Safety R-1 RAC-3 SQ-41 D-3 RB,SB FC,FCB

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