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FDIC 2019: High-Rise Buildings: Understanding the Challenges

A pre-conference preview



Tuesday, April 09, 2019: 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Gerald Tracy
Battalion Commander (Ret.)
Fire Department of New York

It takes more than personnel to meet the challenge of high-rise operations. The building, active and passive fire protection systems, elevators, and the heating/ventilation/air-conditioning system are integral to fire extinguishment and smoke management and control. These systems and features become more complex in high-rises of mixed occupancies, which are becoming more common throughout the world. These types of high-rises accommodate retail shops, restaurants, public assembly with business offices, and residential apartments above with no sprinkler protection.

This workshop also examines what building intelligence is vital to formulate strategies and integrate a successful command system for fire and emergencies. The expected fire loads, fire behavior, and ventilation that influence fire dynamics are defined in these different occupancy types. Smoke management and control is as important as fire extinguishment; more people have become casualties and fatalities from the exposure to smoke than from direct exposure to fire. The methods and practices for managing and controlling smoke at all ranks are also stressed.


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