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Naperville, IL High-Rise Fire

Trash chute fire extended into the seventh floor




RADIOMAN911TV – 1/19/19 NAPERVILLE, IL – 2nd Alarm High-Rise Apartment Fire 799 Royal Saint George Dr. – Video by Dave Weaver

DETAILS: Around 7:45 AM Naperville firefighters responded to a fire in a 7-story apartment building. According to a Naperville FD battalion chief on scene, the fire originated in the basement garbage chute and traveled up to the 7th floor inside a void space between the chute and the wall. Residents were evacuated as crews attacked the fire from both the basement and 7th floor. A MABAS 2nd Alarm was requested. Firefighters managed to shoot water down across the fire’s path from an access point on the 7th floor to bring the fire under control.