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Fire on 27th Floor in Manhattan

Fire out the windows of a residential high-rise


(FDNY Response Videos)


FDNY Response Videos – Manhattan 10-77 Box 1446, major fire on the 27th floor.

Fire Location: 2253 3rd Ave Fire out the windows 27th floor of a 35 story MD

B-12 All Hands.
Extra 1&1 above the 10-77
TA-76 10-84
Rundown: E-35,91,59,58,22s/c E-53 HRN E-47 CFRD
L-14,26,30F L-43,28,23s/c L-17 Vent
B-12,14 B-11 Safety RB,SB FC,FCB TSU 1
R-1 SQ-41

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