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Manhattan Commercial High-Rise Fire

Fire on the first and second floors of a 16-story building


(FDNY Response Videos, YouTube)


FDNY Response Videos – Location: 108 West 39th street between 6th Ave and Broadway Fire on the 1st and 2nd Floors and Through the Duct Work of a 16 Story Commercial

[10:55] E-26: Box 759, Do you have an address? All it says is fire on the 10th Floor. (No address)

[10:55] MD: Engine 26, we’re getting the address of 108 west 39th Street at Broadway

[10:56] L-4: Ladder 4 to Manhattan, Transmit a 10-77, we have a fire at 39th and Broadway, we’re working on an address

[10:57] E-16: We are 10-8 and available if you have a box for us

[10:59] D-3: Have Engine 16 bring their High-Rise Nozzle to the Command Post

CIDS: 16 Story Office Building 75×100 Class 1 Standpipe Stair A Firetower Stair B Access stairs floors 7-8 Retail first floor Building Fully Sprinklered

[11:09] D-3: Transmit a 2nd Alarm, we have extension to the 16th Floor setback

[11:14] D-3: Using All-Hands, For a fire in the duct work on the first floor, with minor extension to the 2nd floor, 75×100 Fireproof Office building, we have 3 L/S/O, Primaries on the fire floor are complete and negative, Attack stairway is A, Evacuation Stair is B, Command Channel Has been established, Fire is DWH (Duration 22 Mins) 

Exposures 1: Street 2: 23 Story 3: Unknown 4: 23 Story 

Rundown: E-26,65,34,23 E-16 HRN E-14 CFRD E-33 w/ HR1 L-4,24,7F L-21,35 B-9,8,2 B-10 Safety R-1 SQ-18 D-3 RAC-1 TSU-1 RB,SB FC,FCB

2nd Alarm: E-1,54,21,8 E-9 w/ SAT 1 E-7 COMM L-12,3, B-7 B-6 RUL MSU-1

Relocations: E-15 act. E-14

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