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Fire in the New York Times Building

Hooking up at Box 761




THEMAJESTIRIUM1 – Here you will see the FDNY operatiing at a quickly knocked down 10-76 high-rise fire in the ductwork of a restaurant inside the New York Times building on 8th Avenue in the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan in New York City.


620 8th Ave., fire in a restaurant duct work in the New York Times Building ( 52 sty 400X200 )

BN-9 gave 10-76, 1 L/S

E-26,E-34,E-54,E-65, L-21,L-4, BN-9, R-1, SQ-18, D-3


E-8 Lobby, E-7 Comm., BN-11 Safety, BN-7, BN-6, BN-8, E-3/HR

BN-9, 2nd precautionary line stretched

MEGA HI RISE, L-25, L-3, BN-10 also assigned

D-3, All Hands

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