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Heavy Smoke on Seventh Floor of Manhattan High-Rise

10-76 for Box 742


(Skyler Fire, YouTube)


Skyler Fire

FDNY Manhattan 10-76 Box 742, Heavy smoke on the seventh floor of a high-rise.

265 West 37th Street

B9 – MBFKD on the 7th Fl, checking for extension. All Hands. 1 L/S/O @0031. Duration: 33 minutes

D3 – 2 L/S, 1 L/O. Command Channel established. DWH. @0038. Duration: 40 minutes

D3 – AVFKD. 2 extra trucks (L30 act 24, L3 ). DWH. @0048 Duration: 49 minutes

D3 – PWH. All units not 10-84 can go 10-8. @0051. Duration: 53 minutes
MSU 10-8

D3 – Under Control. @0110. Duration: 1 hour 12 minutes

High-Rise Command: Putting the First Three Chiefs to Work
Improper Staging Can Set a High-Rise Operation Up for Failure


E26, E34, E1, E65
E7 – Comm
E76 – Lobby
E54 – CFRD
E3 – H.R. 1
L21, L24, L4F
L12, TL7, s/c L30 act 24, s/c L3
B9, B8, B7, B6, B2 (Safety)
R-4 replaces R-1 (involved in minor collision)

E37 act E54
E3? act E34
L119 act L12
L30 act L24 at Scene
L20 act L24
L104 act L3
B45 act B8
B35 act B6

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