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Mission Impossible?

Creating an additional water supply, or temporary standpipe, is a tactic that you may never have to implement on the fireground, but it must be one of the tools included in your engine company’s toolbox.

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Using Fire Department Connections

When utilizing fire protection systems on the fireground, it’s imperative to understand the system and how it works. To do this, review applicable standards and procedures, train on FDC operation and preplan buildings in your response area.

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When to Use 2″ Hose

Most departments use 1 3/4" hose regularly, and break out 2 1/2" hose when really big flows are needed. In this article, Paul Shapiro calls for greater use of a third size of hose that most departments don't use--2".

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Going Up?

In this article, I'll provide useful information on how to combat a fire in a multi-level structure, as well as how to properly use standpipes and standpipe hose packs.

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