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Strategy & Tactics

The Apartment Stretch

Using the right tactics and equipment, firefighters can easily bring 2½-inch attack line and position it for use in attacking an apartment fire. Dave McGrail walks through the process.

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Firefighter Mode for Elevators

A Firefighters Own Worst Enemy took time to create a video walking you through the “Firefighter Mode” setting on elevators.  It is vital in any high-rise event that firefighters have control of elevators and keep control until the end of ...

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The Denver Hosepack

High-rise firefighting is extremely challenging in part because of the effort involved in transporting equipment to the fire floor. The Denver Hosepack is a time-tested way to divide the labor and successfully bring hose to the fire floor without exhausting firefighters. In this article, Dave McGrail walks through the process for building the Denver Hosepack.

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Working with Standpipes

When using standpipe valves during a fire attack, it doesn’t matter if the valves are in a four-story building or a 40-story building; multiple factors and issues can hamper our operations if we aren’t prepared for them in advance. One ...

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Mission Impossible?

Creating an additional water supply, or temporary standpipe, is a tactic that you may never have to implement on the fireground, but it must be one of the tools included in your engine company’s toolbox.

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