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Manhattan 10-77 for Box 1233

First-due footage from East 96th Street     FDNY Response Videos – Video for the first 10 or so minutes is raw and uncut – Sorry for a bit of shakiness, scene was very fluid as I arrived 3 minutes ...

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High-Rise Fire Training in Germany

Large-scale live fire training in Germany     Feuerwehr Gera – Realbrandausbildung, also üben mit echtem Feuer, echtem Rauch… ein wichtiger Teil der Ausbildung eines jeden Feuerwehrmanns. Doch dies ist nicht immer und überall möglich. Um so dankbarer sind wir, ...

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Manhattan Two-Alarm High-Rise Fire

Several hurt at Box 1031 FDNY Response Videos – Great work by the brothers at an emotionally and physically taxing job. E-44 made a very aggressive push into the apartment which had fire out the window and fire out the ...

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Manhattan Box 1130, People Trapped

Fire on fourth floor of 13-story multiple dwelling     THEMAJESTIRIUM1 – Here you will see the FDNY operating at a quickly knocked down 10-77 high-rise fire in a multiple dwelling on East 82nd Street on the Upper East Side ...

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NYC DMV High-Rise Fire

Engine 1 calls for the box alarm       THEMAJESTIRIUM1 – Here you will see the FDNY battaling a 10-76 All Hands fire in a commercial high-rise at the New York State DMV office building on West 30th Street ...

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Five Hurt in Manhattan Apartment Fire

Five firefighters hurt at Box 1081     UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan – Five New York City firefighters were injured early Wednesday fighting a blaze on the 14th floor of a Manhattan high-rise apartment. Four of the firefighters received minor ...

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